Prevent Suicide for Mental Health Awareness Month

Suicide prevention doesn't need to be left to the experts- even you deserve to know how you can help your loved ones know the signs of suicide and what to do.

This month, we’ve put together a PDF of why suicides occur most often in the Spring, a potential explanation why, and tips on how to look out for potential suicidal behavior in your loved ones, and what you can do about it. Part of our mission as a company isn’t to just donate 10% of our net income to causes that support suicide prevention, it’s also to spread the wealth of information that is out there about suicide prevention strategies. We believe that at least one person in every household, company, and school should be trained in suicide prevention. So click the link below to download your PDF and remember that when you purchase one of our Reboots you are doing your part to #savehairsavelives


Here’s some questions we will answer in our guide:

Why is Spring the peak for suicide?

What are suicide risk factors?

What are the signs of suicidal ideation?

What can you say to someone who is suicidal?

What can you do to help a suicidal loved one?

Extra tips and statistics

And what you can do if you are considering suicide


We hope that you will download the guide, read through it (it’s an easy, quick read!) and we think you will feel more empowered the next time you are faced with the tragic situation of a friend or family member who is suicidal.


Spring Suicide PDF Download Here