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Save Me From…Thermal Obsession


Voted “Most Likely to Set the Newest Trend” in high school and then grew up and did. just. that. Kim is fearless when it comes to starting something fashionably contagious. If she’s not strutting her stuff around town or work, then she’s demonstrating the newest beauty trend on her insta profile. She’s not a fashion extremist in the slightest; however, she does love to enhance the beauty she already has and teach other women how to do the same. She doesn’t keep those secrets to trendiness to herself, she loves to give info generously to anyone who wants to listen.

Blow Dryer, Curling Iron, and Straightener- Oh My!

Kim’s hair is always done, and always beautiful. It tends to fit her mood: straight, curly, wavy, or however else she can manipulate it. To get it done, however, she needs to use her blow-dryer, straightener, or curling iron every single day. You could say that she has a thermal obsession! But more than that, her hair is her canvas. She can use her tools to turn it into something enviable and different whenever she wants. With all of the hot tools though, she ends up needing to use a lot of products as well to cover up the damage that these tools cause to her hair. That’s not so good when you think about what goes into using those thermal tools!

Why should we care?


All people have a unique makeup of hair. There’s curly, wavy, straight, frizzy, and plenty of other adjectives that people have used to describe their hair. If someone doesn’t like what their hair does, shouldn’t they be allowed to use what it takes to get a desired result? Well, yes. The problem is that they way we manipulate our hair can often backfire and cause further damage, making our already frizzy hair frizzier. Thus the cycle of hair damage continues.

The Blow Dryer

Not all blow dryers are built the same. Some have a weaker motor and have a soft blow that might take longer to dry your hair. Others have a strong blow and lots of heat that does the job quickly and efficiently. Plus, if your hair is thin, it will take less time, and if it’s thick plan at least a half hour to get it close to dry. Then comes the brushing. Using a brush while blow drying also causes damage to the hair. While you are pulling on it with the brush when it’s wet, the strands are under a lot of extra strain and might cause what looks like hair loss. While it’s not true hair loss- just breakage- this kind of damage contributes to added frizziness and less manageability due to cracking, crazing, and blistering in the hair layers. This, over time, can make a big difference in how your hair looks in older age.

The Straightener and Curling Iron

Straight, loose curls, or tight curls, any way you want it- there is a steaming hot tool waiting to help you out with that. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good straightener and the many ways you can do your hair with it. While it’s versatile, there are many versatile ways that you can damage your hair with it. The more frizzy it gets, the less manageable it is, and then the more you want to use your straightener or curling iron. Again, the cycle of damage continues. Tack on the type of damage that comes from sun and sweat, pollution, and chemicals.

Tips to avoid the damage

Some tips to avoid damage due to your straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer include:

  • Avoid using a brush when you blow dry or wait until the hair is only damp if you like using a round brush.
  • Blow dry on a lower heat setting and lower speed setting.
  • Allow some air drying before using the blow dryer or vice versa.
  • Use a thermal protectant before using a straightener or curling iron. (Though these can also cause damage!)
  • Use the straightener or curling iron on a lower heat setting. Keep in mind that you might need to keep it on your hair longer for a desired result.

Better yet, try not blow drying or straightening your hair for a while and see the difference! Find ways to get a desired result (getting a wave by braiding your hair when wet and then taking it out when dry) without using them. There are innumerable possibilities! Not ready to give your tools up, yet? Well, we might have the solution for you. We will be launching a line of products designed specifically to actually fix and protect your hair from all of the elements that cause damage to your hair!

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